Aloha is a shirt of mind

Hāna green

Micky  Oye

Vintage floral print of the diverse and beautiful flora and nature around Hana, Maui. Hana is also called “The Heart of old Hawaii”.

His best Friend

Vintage print of coastal life in the Waimea Bay area, on the North Shore of Oahu. Navy blue fabric with off white print.

Waimea Bay

Made with care.
For those who dare.

Practising the art of aloha

It's a match: For the patterns to align perfectly each shirt has to be matched in a painstaking, hand-crafted process.

Viscose All the Way

That fabric that caresses your skin even in the thick of summer is  viscose. It is breathable and cooling when hot – very much unlike cotton or, worse, polyester.

Coco Buttons

Coconut buttons are all natural and quintessential for an original Aloha Shirt. Which is exactly why we put them on each and every Micky Oye shirt.

Seams like a dream

Aloha shirts have a particular cut. They make you look casual – but the seams are hard to master.


Finest and delightful tunes for all Aloha Shirt lovers.