Dare to dance

Perhaps the world’s most beautiful proverb comes from the paradise that is Hawai’i:

’A’a i ka hula; waiho i ka hilahila i ka hale.

It means dare to dance; leave shyness at home. Is there a better way to describe the idea that is Aloha?

Aloha is an attitude. It is greeting and farewell, friendship and compassion, as well as the love for being alive. If you share its spirit, Hawai’ians will call you kama’aina: a ›child of the land‹, no matter where you come from. 

The Aloha shirt embodies this spirit.  In Hawai’i they are worn throughout the year, by office workers as well as politicians, lawyers as well as judges. People wear them at weddings as well as at a funeral. 

Micky Oye celebrates the Aloha tradition. We are super serious about our craft so that you can take it easy. From the textiles via the tailoring right down to the details: every Micky Oye shirt is authentic, conscious and first class. 

They are made with care – for those who dare.

Eternal designs and conscious manufacture

If you want to make Aloha shirts in the Aloha spirit then ›sustainability‹ becomes a no-brainer. The very concept of Aloha speaks of awe and respect for people and nature alike. Micky Oye shirts are produced consciously and caringly. We keep our supply chain small and tight. And we pay all our partners equitably. Feel free to ask us anything.


Micha and Tilo always loved the beach.
Growing up in rainy Germany, the cherished every moment as little beachcombers whenever they were on holiday.
Micky Oye is carried by their longing for the Aloha Spirit as well their love for craft.