South Sea Islands

South Sea inspired artwork by Mookie Sato.

Tiki Room

A Tiki Room full of Polynesian masks and artifacts.

Surfer's Froth

Excited to catch the next wave?


Memories of a marvelous evening.

Hawaiian Luau

Let's have a Luau with Micky Oye


What materials is Micky Oye using?

Each Micky Oye shirt is made of all the good stuff and nothing else: 100% viscose, 100% coconut buttons. Authentic Aloha, Baby

What makes your manufacture ›conscious‹?

We only use the best materials, meaning you will be able to wear your Micky Oye for a long, long time. (To that end we also offer free button replacements, plus shipping.) Our supply chain is as short and tight as possible, i.e. the cartonage that we’re having made next door in Berlin. And everyone – from the sewers to the sales reps – is payed equitably.

Do you ship anywhere in the world? 

You bet! And delivery within EU and Switzerland is free of charge, too. We charge a flat fee of 20€ for worldwide deliveries outside the EU and Switzerland.

If you were to return the shipment from outside EU you’d have to pay the shipping, though. But seriously, why would you?!

How do you take care of
Micky Oye?

A Micky Oye shirt is fairly easy to take care of, as long as you remember these 4 things: 

1. Wash it with similar colors with max. 30°C
2. Make sure to always wash (and iron) it inside out
3. Put it back into shape while it’s still wet
(by putting it on a hanger e.g.)
4. Do never, ever tumble dry it